I still remember the feeling of being lost. Alone at places you’ve never been before. When it’s getting dark outside. And all you want is going home. Be with the people you love. Cuddle in bed and forget that there’s a world outside. Being Homesick isn’t new to me.

It’s just new to feel it all the time. At places that I called home once. Surrounded with people I love.

Your mind still remembers these places. Your heart still loves the people. But your soul is homesick.

For a place that doesn’t exist. One that isn‘t even a place. It’s a person. It’s you.

Now that a part of my soul always feels that way, I can go wherever the autumn storms carry me.

Cause it’s easier to handle, when you are at foreign places. This feeling never goes away. But you can deceive yourself better at places you’ve never before.

I love you.

But it’s my soul that misses you.

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