I was a mess. When I met you. A total mess.
On the inside and the outside.

I thought you can fix me. You gonna be my answer.
And for some moments you were.

But I was still broken.
And I think you were just as fucked up as me.

I’m grateful that we didn’t hurt each other. When we both weren’t really ourselves.

When you left me I couldn’t have been more broken.

But now I got it. I understand why the universe separated us.
We couldn’t heal as long as we were together.
I got it.

I‘m working so hard right now.
Trying to fix all of my wounds.
Reassemble the fragmented parts of my soul.
Building up a life that’s really mine.

And one day. We gonna rise – like the phoenix from the ashes.
I will not gonna need you anymore. But I know that I will always want you.

That’s gonna be the moment. When we either come together.
Or not. But however it’s gonna end. We will both be fixed.

Forever connected. Forever in love.
In this life. In every former life. And in every life that’s still coming. 


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